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Children's mattresses

Cherry Kids

    • Cherry Kids Children's mattresses
    • Cherry Kids Children's mattresses


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      Cherry Kids
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      Up to 18 years


      The independent spring block


      Anatomical support


      Antibacterial impregnation with Ag+


      International certificate of Safety of the materials





      Mediflex Kids

      Height, cm



      Above average

      The weight load

      up to 120 kg


      orthopedic foam / thermally bonded linen

      Warranty, years



      The Mediflex Kids Cherry Kids Orthopedic Mattress is a great support for the back and spine of a child from nursery to adolescence. Permissible load should not exceed 120kg.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • Independent spring blocks (550 springs per mattress). The unique technology adjusts to the curves of the body in order to maintain it in the right condition, which is extremely important for the growing body of the child. All springs are placed in the individual pockets. The use of this type of construction allows to achieve a high degree of elasticity of the product.

      • Air holofiber is a soft material used to soften filler layers. Keeps the initial form perfectly, does not roll down during use. It has high hygienic properties, does not cause allergies. Environmentally friendly, durable material has excellent air permeability properties. The presence of a special structure helps holofiber to keep warm air, and also does not interfere with the abstraction of moisture.

      • Thermally bonded linen is a worthy alternative to the usual coconut coir. It has a sufficient degree of firmness, as well as a flexibility, which helps create orthopedic support to the body. No formaldehyde or other hazardous chemicals or components are used in the manufacture. It has no unpleasant smell and is absolutely safe for your health. Linen found its use even in the food industry, thanks to a unique bonding technology. Not able to crack up naturally. Creates favorable microclimate for a sleeping baby.

      • The jacquard top layer is made of a quilted cotton fabric with a special degree of softness, creating the most pleasant conditions for your rest. Durable, easy care. Additional impregnation with silver ions protects the product from the occurrence of microorganisms and bacteria. Non-toxic, absolutely safe for your health, the material does not cause allergies.

      Advantages of the Cherry Kids mattress:

      • Creates anatomical support for the spine;

      • Comfort for relaxation;

      • For children with sensitive sleep;

      • Breathable;

      • Protects against bacteria;

      • Antiallergenic;

      • Safe;

      • Durable.

      Mattress Mediflex Kids Cherry Kids is a scientific development, that takes into account the characteristics of the growing body of a child and helps to achieve its healthy sleep.

      Materials and design


      Hollow fiber

      Consists of unique hollow spiral fibers. Its structure provides remarkable resilience and wear resistance. Does not absorb odors, moisture, does not attract dust, keeping hygienic cleanliness for a long time.


      Thermally bonded linen

      Thermally bonded linen is an environmentally friendly material, that eliminates the possibility of the presence of formaldehyde in the mattress. Thermally bonded linen removes moisture, absorbs ionizing radiation, creates a useful microclimate, neutralizes odors.


      Jacquard with Ag+ antibacterial impregnation

      Jacquard - thick, wear-resistant material. Silver ions protect against bacteria, prevent unpleasant odors and increase moisture resistance.

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