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      From 0 to 12 years


      "MediSpring" spring block


      Antibacterial impregnation with Ag+


      Anatomical support


      International certificate of Safety of the materials





      Mediflex Kids

      Height, cm





      orthopedic foam / thermally bonded linen

      Warranty, years



      Children's orthopedic mattress Mediflex Kids Happy Kids of medium hardness is designed for the age category up to 12 years. The product height of 9.5 cm is especially adapted to the needs of the developing spine.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • The patented MediSpring spring block with independent springs has the ability to accurately respond to any position of the body during sleep and to create the right support for it. It maintains the body of the child in a natural position, which is important for the bones and still developing muscular system. Mini-springs accurately respond to the incoming load. Delicate support is felt even with low pressure. When a serious load arrives, the spring unit begins to adjust accurately to the structural features of the body.
      • Thermally bonded linen is a worthy, safe alternative to the coconut coir. Does not release formaldehyde and other harmful chemical compounds. Perfectly wicks the moisture. Orthopedic support is provided due to the presence of the necessary firmness and flexibility. The material is durable, environmentally friendly, can remove unpleasant odors. Creates a comfortable sleep environment.
      • MediFoam, which has a high degree of firmness, is responsible for the proper support of the body, and also protects against the penetration of bacteria thanks to the treatment with silver ions. The presence of the impregnation prevents the penetration of microorganisms. MediFoam is safe for your health, has antistatic and antibacterial properties. The uniqueness of the foam structure allows children to jump on the mattress and play on it, without fear from the parents about the loss of the original shape and volume.
      • The perimeter reinforcement helps to create additional support. This is extremely necessary, especially at a time when the child begins to get up or walk in the crib, holding onto the handrails. Helps to spread weight more accurately over the entire surface, eliminates the risk of the deforming areas and failures.
      • The terry fabric of the soft-touch structure is applied to cover the upper layer. High quality material has a special structure that creates natural ventilation. Absorbs moisture well, does not cause the effect of steaming. Antiallergic fabric has a pleasant micromassage effect. The cover is easily removed due to the presence of a zipper. After repeated care, it remains as fluffy and soft as before.

      Advantages of the Happy Kids mattress:

      • Anatomical support;
      • High quality materials;
      • Protection against bacteria and microorganisms;
      • Suitable for children with sensitive sleep;
      • Air permeability;
      • Ecological purity;
      • Long service life.

      The mattress Mediflex Kids Happy Kids will create the best conditions for the growing body of the child for the rest and sleep.

      Materials and design


      Thermally bonded linen

      Thermally bonded linen is an environmentally friendly material, that eliminates the possibility of the presence of formaldehyde in the mattress. Thermally bonded linen removes moisture, absorbs ionizing radiation, creates a useful microclimate, neutralizes odors.


      MediFoam ®

      Elastic foam with Ag + Silver ion impregnation. Provides a high degree of comfort, is easily restores its shape and has an antiseptic effect. Ag + silver ions are a natural protector against bacteria. They eliminate unpleasant odors and excess moisture, as well as prevent the unwanted rise of bacteria inside your mattress.


      Terry cloth

      The material provides good air circulation. It has a slight massage effect and does not cause irritation to the skin. It absorbs moisture well, allowing the body to breathe freely.

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