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    • Mediflex TUTSY KIDS Children's mattresses
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      From 0 to 12 years


      Antibacterial impregnation with Ag+


      Anatomical support


      International certificate of Safety of the materials





      Mediflex Kids

      Height, cm

      8 and 11


      Average / Above average

      The weight load

      up to 90 kg


      orthopedic foam / thermally bonded linen

      Warranty, years



      Children's orthopedic mattress Mediflex Kids Tutsy Kids - a product with different levels of firmness, which allows you to make the best choice, taking into account the existing individual characteristics of the child. There are two models of two different heights. For the newborns and toddlers under the age of 3 years it is recommended to choose a mattress height of 8 cm. The product of 11 cm high is perfect for children, who belong to the age group from 4 to 12 years.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • Orthopedic MediFoam with a high degree of elasticity. This filler maintains the spine in an anatomically correct position, as well it serves as a barrier for the entrance of the bacteria and microorganisms. The use of a unique technology allows you to use the mattress in the enhanced mode - to play on it, as well as to jump without a fear of breaking. It has a high level of safety. Additional impregnation of the filler with the silver ions allows you to get rid of the excess moisture, in addition, to ensure the antibacterial protection. The foam is antistatic and has high hygienic properties. During sleep in any position, the vessels are not compressed, and the blood continues to circulate freely. It gives extraordinary comfort and restores strength.

      • Thermally bonded linen is used in children's products, instead of a coconut coir. Natural, environmentally friendly, durable material does not contain formaldehyde, does not emit extraneous odors. Flax removes excess moisture well and creates the most favorable conditions for the child to sleep. Orthopedic support is provided by the presence of the necessary degree of firmness and flexibility.

      • The removable cover case is made of terry cloth with a special structure, that provides excellent natural ventilation. It has a micromassage effect, does not cause rashes and irritations on the child's skin. Good moisture absorption. The cover can be washed, after which it will remain as soft as before.

      Advantages of theTutsy Kids mattress:

      • Does not interfere with the proper blood circulation;

      • Creates a good orthopedic effect;

      • Protection from the microorganisms;

      • No unpleasant smell;

      • Comfortable conditions for rest;

      • Suitable for children with sensitive sleep;

      • Safe;

      • Wear resistant

      Mattress Mediflex Kids Tutsy Kids is the best helper for creating favorable conditions for the rest of your baby.

      Materials and design


      MediFoam ®

      Elastic foam with Ag + Silver ion impregnation. Provides a high degree of comfort, is easily restores its shape and has an antiseptic effect. Ag + silver ions are a natural protector against bacteria. They eliminate unpleasant odors and excess moisture, as well as prevent the unwanted rise of bacteria inside your mattress.


      Thermally bonded linen

      Thermally bonded linen is an environmentally friendly material, that eliminates the possibility of the presence of formaldehyde in the mattress. Thermally bonded linen removes moisture, absorbs ionizing radiation, creates a useful microclimate, neutralizes odors.


      Terry cloth

      The material provides good air circulation. It has a slight massage effect and does not cause irritation to the skin. It absorbs moisture well, allowing the body to breathe freely.

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