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      11-zoned spring block


      "POWER SUPPORT" independent spring block


      "MINIPOCKET ACTIVE SUPPORT 4D Spring" independent spring block


      Exclusive design


      Weight more than 140 kg


      International certificate of Safety of the materials





      Design Collection

      Height, cm




      The weight load

      over 140 kg


      latex / orthopedic foam / felt

      Warranty, years


      Spring block type

      11-zoned spring block


      The Serta Design Collection Glamor orthopedic mattress is a royally luxurious model worthy of the attention of monarchs. The product belongs to the luxury category. Its design was developed by the world famous Vera Wong - an American fashion designer, from whom many celebrities ordered their wedding dresses. The use of two types of springs in the base allows the spine to be supported in an anatomically correct position. It has no restrictions on weight and body type, therefore it can be recommended to a wide range of customers.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • POWER SUPPORT spring block consisting of 11 zones and having a height of 15 cm. In the areas of the delicate support, a wire with a diameter of 1.8mm is used, and where there is a larger load, a 1.9mm wire is used. For each bed there are 720 springs that enhance the orthopedic effect, allowing the body to get maximum relaxation. The frame material is stainless steel.
      • MINIPOCKET ACTIVE SUPPORT 4D Spring is a block of independent springs, 5 cm high. As in the first case, there are 720 pieces for one bed. Accurate and most effective body support became possible due to the central connection of a special type. This technology allows you not to wake up at the moment when your partner is tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Each row of springs operates autonomously, independently of each other.
      • White felt of natural origin is used to evenly distribute the load on the area of the mattress, as well as to protect the soft layers from the premature abrasion. Wear-resistant material has a small weight and thickness. Does not emit toxins that are harmful to health. It has good antibacterial qualities, perfectly passes heat.
      • Serta Oxy Comfort porous foam is the newest development with the ventilation of all layers increased by 95%. The comfort indicators are improved by 46% compared to the standard foam, and the air exchange has increased by 70%. The use of an innovative product has led to the creation of an ideal microclimate. The material does not cause allergies, well protects the mattress from the penetration of moisture and microorganisms.
      • Seven-zonal latex of natural plant origin with varying levels of hardness is responsible for the delicate support in the zone of low stress, as well as elastically supporting the body where there is maximum pressure. Latex has high technical characteristics - excellent breathability, the ability to quickly return the original shape, durability, quiet operation. Protects against dust mites and small insects.
      • Oxy Comfort foam from which the box is made around the perimeter of the product is an additional protection against deformation of the side surfaces, strengthens support for spring blocks and increases the area of ​​the sleeping place. Even with a long service life, the shape of the mattress will remain the same. Rolling layers, as well as the inconvenience of rising and sitting are excluded.
      • The top is covered with a jacquard fabric of a premium-class exclusive design, produced in Belgium. A filler - soft holotec fibers. The combination of such materials makes it possible to feel as if you fall asleep on a real royal bed. The use of COOL BALANCE ™ FABRIC TECHNOLOGY  helps to maintain a healthy, comfortable microclimate at any time of the year. The jacquard base is harmoniously complemented by the pine cellulose fibers, giving an extraordinary comfort in the summer heat and winter cold. The material has a high hygienic properties, supports the correct temperature condition of the bed, prolongs the life of the mattress.

      Advantages of the Design Collection Glamor mattress:

      • exclusive design;
      • use of innovative materials;
      • the introduction of new technologies;
      • the presence of two types of spring blocks;
      • no weight restrictions;
      • suitable for couples with a sensitive sleep;
      • keeps the temperature balance at any time of the year;
      • anti-allergic;
      • durable.

      Mattress Serta Glamor - a harmonious combination of simplicity and aristocracy, exclusive design and the latest developments, worthy to adorn the royal apartments and apartments of the best hotels in the world.

      Materials and design


      Natural latex

      Porous, elastic, durable material. It is made from the juice of the Hevea "rubber" tree. Thermostable, has an antiseptic effect.


      Oxy Comfort Foam

      Modern hypoallergenic material on the basis of a flexible polyurethane foam, latex and viscatex, which has a high elasticity. The foam has a uniform structure consisting of air bubbles. The foam structure is open, which increases the ventilation of the mattress layers by 95%. Oxy Comfort is an abrasion resistant material.



      Durable material from the natural raw materials. Serves as a rigid insulating layer between the springs and the soft filler. White felt is made from purified cotton raw materials, has a high density and strength.


      Belgian jacquard

      Premium, high strength material with a complex weaving of threads. Extremely pleasant to the touch. Hypoallergenic. Hygroscopic. There are no special care requirements. 

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