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Children's mattresses

Sweet Dream

    • Sweet Dream Children's mattresses
    • Sweet Dream Children's mattresses


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      Sweet Dream
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      From 0 to 3 years


      Anatomical support


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      Askona Kids

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      orthopedic foam

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      Children's orthopedic mattress Askona Kids Sweet Dream is designed for children from birth up to 3 years and has got two levels of firmness. This solution allows parents to choose the side that is more suitable for organizing a quiet sleep of the child. Each of the sides has the properties to maintain the spine in the anatomical state.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • On one side - EcoFoam foam with high density properties, capable of providing elastic support. The material had received a certificate of conformity CertiPUR. EcoFoam contains no formaldehyde, lead or other harmful components, that could have a harmful effect on the health of the child. By the qualities of elasticity and strength EcoFoam corresponds to that of latex. The main distinctive feature is a multistage response to the incoming load. Foam cells that have thin walls come into work with the smaller degree of load and the activation of larger cell walls occurs when a pressure of greater force arrives. The use of this technology eliminates the possibility of deforming the shape of the product, even if the child will regularly jump on the mattress.
      • The second side is also made with EcoFoam, however, its surface has a wavy structure. This is necessary in order to relieve muscle tension and create a micro-massage effect.
      • The covering upper layer is a soft, knitted material of high strength with an unusual design. It has a high degree of air penetration, which has a beneficial effect on the sleep's microclimate.

      Advantages of the Sweet Dream mattress:

      • It is recommended for babies from birth to 3 years;
      • Provides anatomically correct spinal support;
      • Meets all accepted quality and safety standards;
      • Hygienic;
      • Does not contain hazardous substances;
      • Creates conditions for comfortable sleep at any time of the year.

      The mattress Askona Sweet Dream is designed for newborns and children up to 3 years old, taking into account all the structural features of the child’s body.

      Materials and design



      Synthetic material created on the basis of polymers by a process of foaming. In its elasticity and strength, it resembles latex. Creates a multi-level reaction to the load. Does not lose its original shape during use. Eco-friendly and safe for your health. It has a European certificate of conformity CeriPUR. Does not contain formaldehyde. It is made without lead, mercury and other metals that adversely affect health. Meets all the requirements for the emission of the volatile substances.


      Knitware with an original design

      Soft, pleasant to the touch, but at the same time, durable material with a good breathability. Keeps you warm in the winter and gives a feeling of freshness in the summer.

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