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      11-zoned spring block


      "POWER SUPPORT" independent spring block


      "MINIPOCKET ACTIVE SUPPORT 4D Spring" independent spring block


      Exclusive design


      Weight more than 140 kg


      International certificate of Safety of the materials





      Design Collection

      Height, cm




      The weight load

      over 140 kg


      orthopedic foam / Memory foam / felt

      Warranty, years


      Spring block type

      11-zoned spring block


      Orthopedic mattress Serta Design Collection Vogue belongs to the class of exclusive products, worthy of attention of the kings. Its design was created by the world famous designer Vera Wong, one of the best designers of wedding dresses. The unique system has no analogues. The low level of firmness creates the necessary level of support for the spine and indescribably comfortable conditions for a healthy sleep. Designed for the consumers of different weight categories and body types.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • two types of blocks of independent springs, the first of which consists of 11 zones and has a height of 15 cm. POWER SUPPORT has a 720 springs per bed The frame is made of stainless steel. The spring with a diameter of 1.8mm is responsible for the delicacy of support, and the second, with a diameter of 1.9mm, is used in areas with the maximum load. The applied unique technology allows the body to be supported in an anatomically correct condition for the entire period of sleep.
      • the second type of springs is the MINIPOCKET ACTIVE SUPPORT 4D Spring block, 5 cm high. The number of independent springs for one bed is also 720 pieces. The frame material is stainless steel. A distinctive feature of the MINIPOCKET ACTIVE SUPPORT 4D Spring is the independence of the raws. Therefore, the movement of the springs always remains autonomous. Due to the central connection, a quick response to the smallest movement occurs, which allows the spine to be effectively supported. The applied technology makes it possible to quickly find a comfortable posture and sleep well all night.
      • White natural felt is not only designed to protect soft fillers from fast erasure, but also helps to distribute the load more efficiently. It has increased heat conduction. Non-toxic, creates an antibacterial effect. Durable and lightweight, keeping the initial shape for a long time.
      • Serta Oxy Comfort foam is an innovative material with a unique porous structure, that allows a 95% increase in the ventilation of all the layers of the mattress. According to the results of the research, it was established that the air exchange in this case became 70% more, and the comfort improved by 46%. Hypoallergenic foam is an excellent protection against moisture penetration and the appearance of microorganisms. Necessary to ensure a healthy microclimate.
      • Serta Memory Gel, a unique foam that can hold a memory of the shape, contains separate gel particles for delicate body support. Does not accumulate heat, well ventilated. Able to create an indescribable effect of staying on a light, elastic cloud during sleep. The body will be completely relaxed by reducing pressure.
      • Serta Oxy Comfort foam, from which the box is made, strengthens the support of the spring block, acts as a protection for the soft layers against possible rolling or slipping, and also increases the area of ​​the sleeping place.
      • the covering top layer is a unique comfort system, represented by a premium-class Belgian-made jacquard fabric of exclusive design, complemented by the soft fibers of the holotec. The use of a COOL BALANCE ™ FABRIC TECHNOLOGY gives the opportunity to maintain a comfortable microclimate all year round. The addition of the pine cellulose fibers contributes to a constant temperature balance. Durable  fabric, extremely pleasant to the touch.

      Advantages of the Design Collection Vogue mattress:

      • premium design;
      • use of two spring blocks;
      • no weight restrictions;
      • comfortable sleep at any time of the year;
      • hypoallergenic;
      • hygienic;
      • safe for health;
      • contains innovative materials;
      • long service life.

      Mattress Serta Vogue the choise of the kings available to every customer!

      Materials and design


      Material with a memory effect

      High-tech material with a memory effect, which adopts to the shape of the body, thereby reducing the back pressure.


      Oxy Comfort Foam

      Modern hypoallergenic material on the basis of a flexible polyurethane foam, latex and viscatex, which has a high elasticity. The foam has a uniform structure consisting of air bubbles. The foam structure is open, which increases the ventilation of the mattress layers by 95%. Oxy Comfort is an abrasion resistant material.



      Durable material from the natural raw materials. Serves as a rigid insulating layer between the springs and the soft filler. White felt is made from purified cotton raw materials, has a high density and strength.


      Belgian jacquard

      Premium, high strength material with a complex weaving of threads. Extremely pleasant to the touch. Hypoallergenic. Hygroscopic. There are no special care requirements. 

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