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      From 7 years


      Spring block "MiniPocket"


      Elastic support


      International certificate of material safety







      Askona Kids


      Above average

      The weight load

      up to 90 kg

      Height, cm



      latex / orthopedic foam / thermally bonded linen

      Warranty, years



      The children's orthopedic mattress Askona Kids Kids Junior received a level of firmness above the average. This solution is ideal for active children who have reached the age of 7 years. Weight limit is 90 kg.

      For the manufacture of the mattress the following materials are used:

      • MiniPocket spring block that allows you to constantly maintain the body in an anatomically aligned state. The uniqueness of the system is that it is able to accurately adjust to all the curves of the human body, giving it support at every point. The back of the child always remains in the correct position. The spring blocks work without making any additional noise, which is especially important for children who have sensitive sleep.
      • Protection of the soft layers from friction against the springs is carried out with the help of a linen cloth. The material is environmentally friendly, does not contain in its composition any harmful substances, that can cause any harm to health. No glue is applied during manufacture. Flax is considered to be an excellent air conductor, it creates a thermostatic and antiseptic effect. Hypoallergenic, has a pleasant smell. Another purpose of flax is creating an additional degree of elasticity.
      • Anatomical EcoFoam is an environmentally friendly material, similar to latex in its properties of elasticity and strength. It is made by foaming raw materials. EcoFoam had received a CertiPUR certificate of conformity, indicating the absence of lead in it, as well as mercury, formaldehyde or other components that could be harmful to you health. A distinctive feature of the foam is its phased response to the load. In the first phase, when the load is insignificant, thin-walled cells are included in the work, and as the load increases, those that have large cells are activated. Thanks to this solution, the shape and volume of the product do not change over time, even if the child is actively moving on the surface.
      • The top layer is represented by the company's knitwear of unusual design, quilted with anti-allergenic holotec fibers. Durable cover is soft and pleasant to the body. It creates comfortable conditions for sleep in the summer, as well as in the winter.

      Advantages of the Junior mattress:

      • Elastic body support;
      • The presence of an anatomical effect;
      • Consists of natural materials;
      • Noiselessness during use;
      • Suitable for children with sensitive sleep;
      • Ensuring optimal microclimate;
      • Ecological purity;
      • Durability.

      The Askona Kids Junior mattress will allow the child to always stay active and healthy.

      Materials and design



      Environmentally friendly material with antibacterial and antiseptic effect. It has good breathability. Creates excellent temperature balance. Eliminates the possibility of presence of the formaldehyde in the mattress. It serves as a protection against abrasion. Glue is not use in the manufacturing process.



      Synthetic material created on the basis of polymers by a process of foaming. In its elasticity and strength, it resembles latex. Creates a multi-level reaction to the load. Does not lose its original shape during use. Eco-friendly and safe for your health. It has a European certificate of conformity CeriPUR. Does not contain formaldehyde. It is made without lead, mercury and other metals that adversely affect health. Meets all the requirements for the emission of the volatile substances.


      Top comfort layer with a striking design

      It is a combination of quality knitwear and hypoallergenic holotec fibers. Pleasant to the touch. It has an attractive design. It gives a feeling of freshness in the summer and retains heat in the winter.

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