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    material Felt

    Durable wear-resistant material made of natural raw materials. Serves as a hard insulating layer between the springs and the soft filling. White felt is made from purified cotton raw material, has high density and durability.

    material Natural latex

    A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

    material Coconut coir

    Mattresses made of coconut coir are durable, not susceptible to rot and mold, do not absorb moisture and odors, and prevent the appearance of dust mites.

    material Knitted fabric with Ag+ antibacterial impregnation

    The knitted fabric of which the cover is made, is extremely pleasant to the touch, soft and, at the same time, has a high index of durability. The top of the material is treated with a unique impregnation based on silver ions. This technology keeps the product from germs.